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Reverse cameras

Reverse Camera Installation in Auckland

Whether as a parking aid or when backing up to attach a trailer, a reverse camera acts as an invaluable visual aid to help see blind spots directly behind your car. At Autotrix we can retrofit aftermarket reverse camera systems for most makes and models. In some cases we can also integrate an aftermarket camera to display on your factory in-dash screen.

When you come to us, you can expect the highest standards of quality in relation to our workmanship. We have extensive experience in the industry and a long track record of success. Plus, we’ll come to you as our services are mobile.

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Key Aspects of Our Reverse Camera Installation Services

  • We can supply and fit, as a complete camera and monitor system, or adding a reverse camera to a multimedia display you already have
  • If you opt for a solution with a monitor, we will typically install this on the rear-view mirror
  • The camera units we use are waterproof and low-lux rated, as well as being small and discreet
  • We can set camera view to display with or without parking guidelines
  • If you have a factory camera system which has stopped working, we may be able to repair using aftermarket parts